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Bitkoinas (BTC) kaina, kainos pasiūlymai realiuoju laiku ir naujienos – „Google“ finansai

Leisti pavyzdį 26,99 USD 14,95 USD garsinė knyga "Narrating with subtle pitch and phrasing variations, Will Damron connects with every bit of the drama and interpersonal tension that pervade this story.

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His pleasing voice and facility with dialogue are enormously enjoyable Damron's superb performance adds to the excitement and makes this captivating listening. Two of the story's iconic characters are Harvard students Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss: identical twins, Olympic rowers, and foils to Mark Zuckerberg.

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Planning to start careers as venture capitalists, the brothers quickly discover that no one will take their money after their fight with Zuckerberg. While nursing their wounds in Ibiza, they accidentally run into an eccentric character who tells them about a brand-new idea: cryptocurrency. From the Silk Road to the halls of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Bitcoin Billionaires will take us on a wild and surprising ride while illuminating a tantalizing economic future.

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On November 26,the Winklevoss brothers became the first bitcoin billionaires. Skaityti daugiau.


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